Tuesday, January 9, 2007

PART 6: Continuing the Legacy

I had to do something about my Father, but I could not let everyone know Zorro's personality. I had to act like the ill, sissy man i pretended to be in Barcelona. Padre Mendoza was not happy with the way I "turned out", and i pretended to go to the Capital of California to petiton the Governer. In secret, I conspired with Bernardo and my tribe, including White Owl, who told me of her blind brother who still works at the prison, who knew its every twist and turn. I "borrowed" Padre Mendoza's cape and hat, and pasted on a mustache. I met Bernardo and the Indians in the woods, and outlined my plan. Then, it was time to act, they went to carry their part of the plan and i stole into the prison using my disguise. Carlos Alcazar, the warden of the prison and one of the town's bullies in my childhood, suspected little. I helped Bernardo break into the prison and cause a distraction. In the chaos, i slipped out of my robes and into my zorro outfit, saving my father from prison, and taking the pearls that Carlos and Moncada had been forcing the indians to harvest.

Alcazar suspected that I was zorro, and came to take me and hold me prisoner back at my own house. Before I was taken, i have two sets of pearls to Padre Mendoza (as zorro). When Moncada and Alcazar came to collect me, Padre Mendoza gave moncada back one of the bags, saying that zorro gave it to him, keeping the large bag for himself. As i was being questioned in the same room with the secret fireplace, another zorro appeared to trick Alcazar, Moncada and his men away. I could not believe it, it was Bernardo! Just at that moment, a shadow appeared in our secret fireplace, and a pistol clicked into the neck of the lone guard in my room. It only could have been Bernardo. I escaped into the secret fireplace, and there i met Bernardo, who revealed to me that it was really 2 other "zorro's" helping me escape that day. Who was the third? What happens to me after i escape? You will just have to read my tale to find out.

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