Tuesday, January 9, 2007

PART 2: My Childhood

I had an exceptionally fun and interesting childhood. One prank that I can remember vividly is when my best friend (who is more like a brother to me) Bernardo, another boy, Garcia, and I, agreed to a few bullies that we could bring them a bear with a sombrero on his head, in order for them to stop bullying us. At first, I had no clue how I was going to go about getting this done, until I remembered something that I stole from my Grandmother. White Owl was her name, one of the leaders of the Indian Tribe of which my mother was a part. I stole from her an ancient sleeping potion, which was used to sedate her daughter, my mother, after her raid on Senor Mendoza's Parish. Sure enough, after creating a trap for the bear with potion covered meat, the bear was asleep! We transported him back to the Town and paraded him in front of everyone. The word of this great tale even reached as far away as Russia, although it was much embellished in that time. You might think that my childhood was one that many would envy, but you would be wrong. There is a part of my childhood that I would love to forget for the rest of my life. Something that was so horrid, so horrible, so frightening, that it is hard for me to continue. You see, when I was about 11 years old, pirates came onto the land that my hacienda was on while my father was away on business. They destroyed only a small part of the house, but killed many who stood in their path. They came into my house and wounded my mother, who tried to defend us. Thankfully i was able to save her, taking her into the secret passageway constructed by Bernardo and I. They went into my brother’s house and murdered his mother. After Bernardo saw what had happened, he refused to talk to anyone, and from then on he was understood to be mute. When that happened, I realized that I want to take part in stopping these horrible crimes. I want to stop the imbeciles who have the nerve to come into my house and destroy what my father After the attack, we had to slowly build everything back up, but the damage had already been done, especially my brother Diego. We tried to restore things back to normal, but we both knew that things would never be normal again. My grandmother White Owl was the person who really saved my mother. After she healed my mother, White Owl put Bernardo and myself on a very hard and long test. We had to trek through the woods with little food, as a part of a sacred Indian rite to find our spirits. As i was just about to give up hope, a fox, a zorro, red eyes gleaming, led me to a place where my brother and grandmother would find me. After that encounter, the zorro has been the one to guide my personality. Shortly thereafter, my father and I came to the conclusion that I should complete my education in Spain. I agreed on the condition that Bernardo could come with me, which my father agreed to. So ended my childhood, and began my adolesence.

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