Tuesday, January 9, 2007

PART 5: My Return to Alta California

The time had come. We had to get out of the country. Thomas de Romeau was dead and his girls were entrusted in my care. I returned to America the same way I left it, on board the ship captained by Captain Santiago de Leon. We were captured by pirates, and held ransom in the swamps of New Orleans, where we were held ransom by the dashing pirate, Jean Latiffe. They all lived in a democratic community, and i petitioned my father for the ransom. Unbeknownst to me, back home in Alta California, revenge was had. Rafael Moncada's arm had grown long indeed, he was appointed as Spain's envoy to the California territory, and when he discovered that Diego and Juliana were not there, he took his revenge on the surrounding areas, including the Mission, the indian tribes, and Alejandro de la vega's hacienda. Juliana was not meant for Moncada, however, as she fell madly in love with her captor, Jean Latiffe, who, after the marriage, let Diego and company leave peacefully. On return to his childhood home, desolated by Rafael Moncada, Diego is reunited with his Brother Bernardo, and learns that his father was thrown into prison by Rafael Moncada. It was time for zorro to make another appearance.

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