Tuesday, January 9, 2007

PART 4: Barcelona and Beyond

A very import piece to my life was about to unravel and that was the meeting of Amelia and the gypsy’s. Amelia was a gypsy whose tribe worked in the city and lived on the outskirts of town. Helping them is small circuses they performed on Sundays Bernardo and I honed our skills as acrobats and I as a magician. This was actually were my Zorro costumed was started. To hide my face from Juliana, Isabel, and Nuria who went to see the show both Bernardo and I wore masks. Amelia was actually the first person I made love to. I believe she saw that I wanted a woman that she, as a friend and nothing more, helped me with that. Soon after that I would have to do something that would prove how much of a friend she was; but alas I am getting ahead of myself with that.

First I have to tell you about how I became a member of La Justicia the final step in becoming Zorro. It was a secret society that was started two hundred years before in reaction to the power of the Inquisition. La Justicia save the accused, smuggling them out of the country when possible and helping them begin a new life elsewhere, they provide food, obtained false documents, and when possible paid ransoms; these are things I believed in. to become a member I had to go through not only gruesome train physically but as well I had to go through mental training as well. When the day finally came and I passed the induction I was overjoyed on many levels. They asked me what my secret name should be for the secret society and at that moment I remembered the red eyes of the fox during another rite of initiation and I said “Zorro.”

My first action as La Justicia was about to take place when I found out the Amelia, in the wrong place at the wrong time was taken prisoner by the French and was scheduled to be executed. I could not allow that and decided to do something about it. First I talked to maestro but he declined the help of La Justicia. So I with the help of my brother had to break into the palace of Le Chevalier Duchamp and get him to sign the release of all prisoners that were taken. To do this I had to mask myself so Le Chevalier did not recognize me so I used my disguise from the gypsy circus that I performed, and also put on a fake mustache so he did not recognize the rest of my more adolescent face. I succeeded in freeing them and felt such a rush and doing so and knew that helping people in need was what I was meant to do.
After the gypsy’s had to leave the city and go back into isolation for being persecuted by the French for accusations that they did not even commit. In short time both the leaving of my brother and the retreat of the French from Spain. The leaving of my milk brother broke my heart. I really had never been apart from him for really long periods of time. But I knew that we have not communicated with words and knew what the other was feeling and thinking without them so a whole ocean should not keep us from that. I started to really miss him when maestro was taken to prison for treason to the king and I needed help to get him out. With my great luck he was in a low guarded barracks and I was able to retrieve without anyone dieing.

The last thing that happened in Spain with large importance was that of Tomás de Romeu’s arrest and prosecuted for treason. This time I nor Zorro could do anything to save him; at this point I felt the most useless in all of my days, I could not save him. So Tomás de Romeu’s had to sell everything he owned so that his daughters could have some money to live off of.

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