Tuesday, January 9, 2007

PART 1: My Birth, and my Parents

Let me begin my life story even before I entered this earth. My father, Alejandro de la Vega, a
Spanish Military Caballero, was one of the bravest fighters alive. He protected the Mission San Gabriel from the indiano attackers. He was also a great business man, making deals with anyone and everyone, regardless of their skin or color, but that was not until later. My mother on the other hand came from the opposite side of society. Believe it or not, she is Half Native American. Her name is Toypurnia. My father and my mother met in a very strange way. My mother’s tribe attacked a Mission, and my father was called to defend it. When my father believed that the chief of their tribe was dead, he went over and checked the body. It was then he realized that the chief of their tribe was a woman.

After my father realized what had passed, he soon tried to help her heal as soon as possible. She was sent to live with the Governer and his wife, so that his wife would not be so "bored". The governer's wife, Eulalia de Callis, taught her how to dress like a Spanish lady, and even renamed her Regina. My mother and father started spending time together, and before anyone knew it, they two got married and started talking about having a child. My father’s family has a history of having many children, so he naturally wanted to have a good amount of children with mother. During my birth in 1790, my mother almost passed away due to the large amount of blood that she lost. After that, she told my father that she would never have another child again, and he agreed. When I first came out, my father instantly wanted to name me after him, but my mother said that my name would be Diego, and nothing else.

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